Fresh Fruit Smoothies for a Tasty and Healthy Addition to Your Events

Baja Smoothies is a crowd pleaser that adds to the success of your events

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We believe our product is of the finest quality!

We deliver a tasty and nutritious addition to your events using fresh fruit smoothies with healthy ingredients. Along with the superior quality of our smoothies, our hardworking team members are courteous, punctual, and compliant with all event regulations.

We have always valued the appearance and the quality of a fresh smoothie. People love our smoothies and attractive stands with abundant fresh fruits, which draw crowds in at various events.

Year after year, loyal customers return in search of our fresh fruit smoothies. We exist to serve you with the best blend you have ever had in a clean, fun, and healthy environment.

The Best Pina Colada Smoothie You Have Ever Had!

From The Freshest Fruits
This tasty pina colada smoothie is everybody’s favorite.

Nutritious Fresh Smoothies
Our strawberry blend will make a healthy addition to your events.

Have A Blast With Baja
We deliver abundant fresh fruit smoothies on time and how you like it.

Fun and Delicious Smoothies!

Fresh Fruit Stand
See the quality of fruits used in making your favorite strawberry banana smoothies.

Natural Products
We are conscious of your health and deliver only hygienically clean and natural products.

Best Smoothie Trio
Enjoy pure Strawberry, Strawberry Banana, or Pina Colada Banana Smoothie.

We Have Been Making Fresh Smoothies for Over 20 Years!

Join us and use our wealth of experience to rapidly grow a fresh smoothies business.

Fresh Smoothies Made With Real Fruit!

Baja Smoothies was founded in 2002. We have always valued appearance and smoothie quality, and our product has lived up to its name. People love our fresh smoothies and are drawn to our stands with the abundance of fresh fruits churning unique and delicious blends.

Customers return every year in search of our fresh fruit smoothies. It gives us great joy to provide healthy smoothies that customers enjoy. Only the freshest fruits are used in our smoothies. We care about the well-being of our clients and ensure that our products and stands are hygienically clean and that our tasty blends are fat and cholesterol free.

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Made With Real Fruit! Baja Smoothies was established in 2002

We have always believed in appearance and having the best smoothie. Our product speaks for itself the proof is in the smoothie. Our smoothies were an instant hit with the public. Our abundance of fresh fruit piled high in front of our stands is a true eye catcher.

Customers come back faithfully year after year looking for our fresh fruit smoothies, our goal is to provide a healthy, clean and fun atmosphere to the public along with the best smoothie they have ever had. We use only the freshest fruit in our smoothies. We live in a health-conscious world so why not enjoy one of our cool treats without the guilt. BAJA SMOOTHIES will continue to be #1 in this smoothie craze we’re in!

We operate multiple fresh fruit smoothie stands all over the country at major events.

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"The addition of Baja Smoothies enhances our events and is a true crowd pleaser. Their professional image, freshness of product, and dedication to service is unprecedented. It’s a real fresh fruit smoothie."
– Tuck Axelrod
"I just want to take a moment to share with you how great our partnership has been at the Detroit River Days Festival and Ford Arts, Beats & Eats. You have been a trusted partner that we’ve counted on as our exclusive smoothie provider at both our festivals. We consider your product of the highest quality, and appreciate that you use fresh fruit and healthy ingredients to deliver a tasty and healthy addition to our festivals. In addition to the outstanding quality, your staff has provided great service to our guests, and you’re always on time for our critical deadlines related to set-up and tear down at each event. In summary, I wish all our vendors carried themselves as you and your great team. Needless to say, we hope to have you back as our exclusive smoothie provider again in the near future."
– Jon Witz
"Since 2010 Baja Smoothies has been a vendor and a major sponsor. Our event is free and these sponsors help maintain an event that is accessible for everyone with no admission. Baja Smoothies is a very professional company with a great and friendly staff, complying with all of the festival rules and supplying a most delicious product."
– Carol Short