Baja Smoothies Franchise

Do you want to own a fruit blend franchise? Look no further than the leading brand in the industry, Baja Smoothies.

Compared to other franchises, we stand out. This business can be anything you want it to be. Since it’s a mobile franchise, you can choose your working hours. It’s the epitome of entrepreneurship. And our quick and simple startup process is unbeatable. We are focused on low investment with high profits. We can be the most involved company in each of our communities around the nation because of our flexibility, mobility, and profitability.

Baja Smoothies is the franchise for you if you want to be in charge of your own future and live life to your own terms. Take a trip with us to experience what it’s like to own a Baja Smoothies business.

Quick & Easy Startup

We take great pride in our franchising procedure. When you make the decision to launch your own business, you don’t want to go through the challenges of building it for years. You’re in for a good ride with Baja Smoothies. Our corporate team members will get in touch with you to take care of all your business needs.

Minimal Investment

You don’t have to worry about a large start up capital when you decide to start your own business. With Baja Smoothies, you get a reasonably priced franchise. Because for us, experience is the most essential aspect of doing business, and we want your experience to be equally as wonderful as your customers’.

Patented Fruit Blend

The Baja Smoothies truck is not like any smoothie truck. It is the result of extensive thought and research. It houses our proprietary fruit blend and not to mention that the complete vehicle has NSF approval, which makes it much simpler to get your truck licensed for use by the state’s health department.

Mobile Franchise

We’re not like most franchises. Our straightforward business strategy does not require a physical location. It allows you the freedom to work when you want to at any location you desire. You are always in charge of your own business and can take a day off even on a weekday. You can be your own boss with a Baja Smoothies franchise.