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Straw smoothie


We have the capability to handle every type of event: fundraisers, sports, schools, daycares, birthdays and corporate parties. Our products are loved by crowds and event managers all over the country.

Fairs & Festivals

Fairs and festivals are fun, and we love having a good time! This is why we are an excellent addition to any celebration. Baja Smoothies truck provides an abundance of fresh fruits and smoothies, which attract crowds at various events. Book us in for yours!

Movie Nights

Does your community fundraiser host movie nights? You can serve everyone some Baja Smoothies then. Everyone enjoys it, making it the ideal treat. Additionally, it creates a lively atmosphere before and after the movie. Call us to book your next movie night.

Birthday Parties

Your child will never forget their birthday celebration with Baja Smoothies! Our strawberry banana smoothies will make a wonderful surprise and memorable experience, in addition to a special birthday package from us. Contact us for your next birthday party!


Baja smoothies taste good and are loved by everyone. We handle any type of corporate event, including employee appreciation days, company picnics, and afternoon breaks. We are always on time and serve only the freshest smoothies! Book us for your next event.

Summer Camps & Daycares

Nothing is more thrilling than seeing a Baja Smoothie truck drive into your daycare. We promise you, the kids will love it and so will your teachers. Considering how popular Baja Smoothies is, it will make an easy choice. Contact us for your daycare or summer camp.

school events


We do events both during and outside of school hours. Use Baja Smoothies to reward hard work or as a regular fundraiser. The Baja Smoothie truck pulling up at your school will be a huge hit with the students and staff. Call us to book an open day or weekly service.

sports event

Sports Events

Baja Smoothies provides the perfect treat to relax and unwind after a big game. Everybody loves it, players, coaches, kids, and parents. It’s the ideal post-game reward and a great way to energize the crowd. Get in touch to book your competitions or a special event.

Company Picnics

Family Events (Like Picnics & BBQs)

Whether you’re hosting a big family reunion, a picnic or a BBQ party, Baja Smoothie can make your celebration a success. We can customize a full-service smoothie package to suit any occasion or family gathering. Contact us to book your upcoming events.

Sports Events

Church Functions & Fundraisers

Do you have a church function, or would you like to raise money for your organization? Let Baja Smoothie assist you! Just like our smoothie, we make it a simple and enjoyable process. We will give you the support you need to succeed. Call us to handle your next event.

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