About Baja Smoothies

We are a mobile, fun business with the tastiest smoothies you’ve ever had. If you’re in need of a blissful moment, Baja Smoothies is what you need. Relax with a cup of our delicious premium fruit blend while putting your feet up.

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What Is Fruit Blends?

Fruit blends is our unique smoothie recipe developed and perfected over many years. This special blend gives each smoothie the delicious  taste our customers love. Our proprietary fruit blend is protected from competitors and the cornerstone of our business.

Where Did Baja Smoothies Originate?

In 2002, Baja Smoothies first launched and during that time, we created our own special and proprietary recipe. Today, Baja Smoothies offers both smoothie fans and potential business owners a lot of value. Our smoothies are not only delicious and provide fat-free options but are also made from the finest fresh fruits. Our products are also gluten free, nut free, cholesterol free options, and soy free.

Baja Smoothies with real fruit
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What Makes Us Happy?

Offering consumers delicious, refreshing and healthy smoothies makes us very happy. Our smoothies contain only the finest fresh fruits. There’s nothing better than drinking a tasty, creamy, delicious fruit smoothie on a hot day. Whether you are by the beach, watching a game or simply spending time with your family at a picnic, a Baja Smoothie is a crowd favorite.

Our iconic blue straw and branded smoothie cup present well with our cool and creamy smoothie. The abundance of fresh fruits blending into unique and delectable smoothies attracts people to our stands every year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use fresh fruit in your smoothies?
Yes, we use fresh bananas and pineapples in our real fruit smoothies.
How do you get that creamy consistency?
We use ice in combination with fresh fruit and our fruit blend to create a creamy consistency.
What's included in the fruit blend?
Our fruit blend is made with real fresh fruit. But due to its proprietary nature, we cannot disclose all the ingredients in the fruit blend.
Are your smoothies lactose free?
All of our fruit smoothies are lactose free except the Pina Colada.
Does yogurt have to be used in smoothies?
No. A smoothie doesn’t have to be made with yogurt. Smoothies made with fresh fruit or ice can be equally tasty, smooth, and refreshing.
Are your smoothies gluten free?
Yes, absolutely. Our smoothies are gluten free, nut free, and some of our fruit smoothies are also cholesterol free and soy free.
Do smoothies count as daily water intake?
Yes, smoothies include a lot of hidden sources of water.
How are fruit smoothies made?
They are made with our proprietary fruit blend, ice, and fresh fruit, which is perfect to cool off on a hot day.